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              To Know the Dust Free Clean Wiper Cutting Machine

              About Clean Wiper: clean wiper or dust-free cloth, is made from 100% woven polyester fiber, soft in the surface which is suitable for sensitive surface, the fiber won’t drop after rub, has well hydroscopicity and cleaning effect at the same time which is very suitable for dust-free cleansing plant.

              With the characters of no particle and thread ends dropping after clean, powerful scrapping ability, combined with anti-static function and free surface damage because of its soft surface, the clean wiper is widely used in industries as following: semiconductor installation, aviation production and repairing, laboratory, electron industry, computer assembling, optical instrument production, LED displayers, precise instrument, optics products, aviation industry, circuit board and so on; especially for from 10 ~1000 degree dust free cleansing plants in semiconductor industry and electron production.

              Clean Wiper Cutting Machine from South Nekon is special for production of dust-free clean wiper, use the heating generated by the vibration of ultrasonic to melt the material together with the high pressure, this sewing technical can get soft and beautiful welding lines, and can also cut down the cost because of threadless. By the other hands, cost will be saved with the machine with its fully automatic working from material feeding to finished products collecting, the productivity can also reach 50~80 pcs/min.

              About the Dust Free Clean Wiper Cutting Machine

              Fully automatic from material feeding to products collecting; non-woven mops and cleaning gloves can be made the same machine with only moulds changing.

              Features of Dust Free Clean Wiper Cutting Machine:

              1. Special feeding device for accurate positioning and cost saving

              2. Independent feeding frame which is convenient for workers’ material putting and adjusting

              3. Aluminium alloy frame, smart, artistic and rustproof.

              4. Steady performance, easy operation.

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